Tesla’s marketing strategy, or lack thereof

If you were to ask anyone ‘Which car do you want?’ today, chances are Tesla would be mentioned. If you were to ask it 10 years ago, Tesla hasn’t even began official production of its first car model. What’s even more interesting is that they spent next to nothing on advertising and promotion compared to already established car markers. How did they manage to become one of the most talked about car companies in recent years? Here are reason why and a few thinks to take note of .


Image source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-04/musk-employs-unusual-marketing-plan-for-model-3-anti-selling

Inspirational CEO

Elon Musk is a one-man marketing platform. This billionaire eccentric is also involved with SpaceX, OpenAI and Neuralink, basically anything we’re likely to use in the near/far future. He has 13.7 million followers on Twitter and his tweets are insightful and personal. He’ll crack a bad joke once in a while, but he mostly tweets about his plans, official business announcements that triggers a stock price increase. The odd Reddit AMA doesn’t hurt either. He understands how to use social media to engage with a wide audience.

Example of bad joke: FYI next model coming out is called Model Y and the only reason why Model 3 is not called Model E is because Ford threatened to sue. #S3XY


They have awesome products

Tesla isn’t the first company to create the electric car but it is the first company to make one that’s practical and environmentally friendly. The company also plans to demonstrate a full self-driving car by the end of 2017, and it is also said that all Tesla vehicles come fitted with the necessary sensing and computing software.

Devoted fan base

Why make your own ads when your prospective and current customers are making them for you? Just search ‘Tesla Ad’ on YouTube and you’ll see a slew of fan made ads, all of which look professionally done. Most ads get further exposure with Elon Musk retweeting the video to his millions of followers.


Header image: http://www.fortune.com/2017/03/25/elon-musk-model-3-details/ 


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