4 reasons to consider Podcasts as part of your next marketing campaign

What was once thought of as a niche platform, podcasting has slowly evolved into a major platform for not just individuals and personalities but for companies and brands to connect with its audience.

Here are 4 reasons why you should include podcasts into the marketing mix:

1. Cost effective

It is relatively easy and cheap to set up and maintain. All you need is microphone, headphones, recording and editing software (GarageBand will do), web host all for under $100.

2. Establish a deeper connection with your audience

Podcasts allows you or the brand to speak directly with your audience, no middle man, no time constraints. It’s also a great platform for content marketing to happen, not only are you providing your audience with a great narrative with valuable content and insights, you are building a trusting relationship with them. Converting prospects into customer and customers into repeat buyers. Podcasts aren’t forced onto individuals, they have to consciously click play.

3. Listen to it anywhere anytime

Unlike videos and blogs you can listen to it during your commute, driving or even when working out at the gym. You can pre-download and listen later, click and play instantly and subscribe to your favourite podcast which automatically downloads it to your device when its uploaded.

4. Growing audience

An estimated 67 million people listen to a podcast on a monthly basis in 2017. The majority of listeners tend to be in 18-34 age group, have higher incomes, more educated and work fulltime. This is great news for marketers as its audience is precisely the market that’s hardest for advertisers to connect with.

As a relatively unregulated platform, it’s completely up to content creators and digital marketers how they want to attract and appeal to its audience and also which business model they want to adopt. Do you see podcasts becoming a mainstay in the digital marketing mix?

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3 thoughts on “4 reasons to consider Podcasts as part of your next marketing campaign

  1. Poornima Rangoda says:

    Hey interesting post😃!

    Personally, I do listen to Podcasts whether it’s educational or just for fun. Now I see more and more people listening to it and more creators as well. It gives a sense of belonging to the conversation without having to talk. As you mentioned, it’s become relatively cheaper to set up and broadcast podcasts due to the availability of resources. In my opinion, I doubt that it would be a mainstream in the marketing mix however it may stand the changes of time due to its recent popularity. But it does have to depend on the business.

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    1. milzmarvels says:

      I completely agree with you. If utilised correctly by businesses or certain types of industry I can see it being a really effective marketing tool but I would also see it failing spectacularly if a company treats it like a radio ad. Audiences would not respond well to that and potential worsen the company’s image. It is so good to have feedback from a podcast listener.
      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jmarq95gmailcom says:

    Hey! I have never listened to a podcast, given that growing up I wasn’t really teched up enough to listen to a Hamish and Andy podcast, and every radio show at the moment is complete dribble. But if something did come along that I enjoyed listening to, I could certainly see myself jumping on board. In terms of brands harnessing the potential, I can see some being skeptics, but other enthusiasts soaking up these sorts of podcasts, and developing stronger feelings towards a brand.


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